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Call Andy Jaskulsky: 
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Maryland Criminal Lawyer, Andy Jaskulsky

If you have been accused of or are under investigation for a criminal offense, finding a criminal defense attorney in Maryland can be a daunting task. From splashy billboards to guarantees of proven innocence, many advertisements fail to convey that selecting the right Maryland criminal lawyer is paramount to protecting your freedom. Whether you or someone you know has been involved in a crime against a person, a crime against property, or any traffic offense (including a DUI), The Law Firm of Andy Jaskulsky can help.

About Andy Jaskulsky

Andrea “Andy” Jaskulsky received her Doctor of Law (J.D.) from the University of Maryland in 2000. A former prosecutor herself, Mrs. Jaskulsky has been defending criminal cases since 2006. After opening her own practice in 2008, she has focused exclusively on defending criminal cases of every type. Mrs. Jaskulsky is committed to giving her clients the strongest defense possible while protecting her clients’ constitutionals rights and freedoms. Her dedication shows at every step of the case as she develops strong lines of communication with each of her clients in order to best investigate and prepare for each case.


    When do You Need a Maryland Attorney

    There are four aspects in a criminal case for which you should seek the help of a criminal defense attorney in Maryland.

    1. You are being investigated for a criminal offense or charged in a criminal case.
    2. You have been arrested on allegation of an offense or indicted in a state or federal crime.
    3. You have been served with a search warrant of your home, business, or other personal property.
    4. You have been called to testify as a witness.

    In each of these instances, your rights to a fair trial and legal representation are assured by the constitution of the United States. Even those who are called as witnesses to another person’s criminal trial would benefit from contacting a lawyer.

    You Are Entitled to Due Process

    If you are accused of a crime, there is a process of investigating and gathering evidence that must be followed. If probable cause is found for an arrest, the person who is being accused is entitled to their day in court. The term “due process” refers to legal rights found in the Fifth and Fourteenth amendments of the Constitution. In both cases, people are assured that they will not be denied “life, liberty, or property without due process of the law”. This means that the government cannot unfairly deprive you of the right to a fair and unbiased investigation, a fair trial, and legal representation during the process.

    In some cases, investigators draw conclusions before gathering all of the evidence. This bias can often lead to improperly obtained, or incorrect interpretation of evidence that slants a case in favor of their pre-determined bias. If proper procedures are not followed during an investigation, or the methods used to secure your conviction are questionable, the violation of your procedural due process rights can lead to the exclusion of evidence in court or the overturning of a conviction. It is here that selecting the right Maryland criminal lawyer can ensure your rights to due process. By conducting her own investigation and ensuring those investigating the criminal case are following proper procedures, Andy Jaskulsky can help you avoid becoming the victim of constitutional right violations and investigator bias.

    Types of Cases

    If you are under investigation for or have been charged with any of the following crimes, Andy Jaskulsky can help.

    • Arson
    • Assault
    • Carjacking
    • Bribery
    • Burglary
    • Child Abuse
    • Conspiracy and Attempt
    • Homicide
    • Kidnapping
    • Narcotics, Possession with the intent to distribute CDS
    • Obstruction of Justice
    • Perjury
    • Reckless Endangerment
    • Resisting Arrest
    • Robbery
    • Sex Offenses
    • Theft
    • Trespass
    • Weapons charges
    • Handgun charges

    With experience in each of these criminal areas, Mrs. Jaskulsky has defended the accused for more than a decade. Often times those who are accused, investigated, or arrested are assumed guilty until they are proven innocent. The constitution guarantees that you are innocent until proven guilty. Andy Jaskulsky can help ensure your innocence is maintained through the often long, stressful, and arduous process of criminal investigation and proceedings.

    How to Select the Right Criminal Defense Attorney Maryland

    Selecting the right criminal defense attorney for you is not as simple as choosing the largest ad on the internet. Consider these factors before you choose a Maryland criminal lawyer.

    • Comfort – Are you comfortable telling the attorney your personal information? Is she interested in solving your problem? Can you be honest about your dealings, whereabouts, and interactions? Your conversations with Andy Jaskulsky are kept strictly confidential. It is necessary that you are upfront and honest about the details of your case and Mrs. Jaskulsky works hard to ensure you feel safe and comfortable speaking with her about personal matters.
    • Credentials – How long has the lawyer been in practice? Has he or she worked on other cases like yours? With over a decade of experience as a criminal defense attorney, Andy Jaskulsky has successfully defended thousands of cases across a variety of offenses. Prior to working as a criminal defense attorney, Andy Jaskulsky served as a prosecutor in Baltimore City for over half a decade—affording her the knowledge that can only be gained by having handled cases from both sides. From traffic to homicide charges, she leaves no stone unturned during her investigations.
    • Creativity – In this day and age of technological advances, it is important to retain a lawyer who can develop creative solutions to counteract the invasive investigative techniques technology gives to law enforcement. With an eye to a fair trial, Mrs. Jaskulsky does just this by employing her own investigators who are thoroughly versed in the latest processes and advances in law enforcement investigation.

    If you have been accused of a crime or are under investigation for a state or federal offense, contact the office of Andy Jaskulsky for a free consultation regarding your case. Not only can she offer you a wealth of battle-tested experience, your case will be handled in the personal, professional manner you deserve.

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